Thermal Sparc Automatic Round Labeling Machine

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General Description:

The Thermal SPARC allows the application of one or two adhesive labels to all types of cylindrical products. Its production capacity can reach 17 products/minute.

This versatile machine is equipped with an anodized aluminum motorized conveyor and labels jars of varying formats, regardless of what they are made of (glass, PET, or PVC), without any hardware changes.

Options:  The labeling machine can be placed on a table or on its frame (available as an option) and has an interchangeable pressure application cylinder and a square receiving table on the output.


 Labeling   Up to 2 labelling heads.

  Up to 17 products per minute.

 Sizes   Suitable for all round products.

  L 46.69" x W 29.52" x H 44.09"

  (1186mm x  750mm x 1120mm).

 Compressed air consumption

  6 bar constant - Dry air non lubricated.

 Labeling of cylindrical supports


 Ø 60 to 200mm with drive rollers Ø 51mm• Ø 40 to

 150mm with drive rollers Ø 61mm.

 Label width

 Minimum of 25 mm up to 360° wrap-around.


 220V 50HZ single-phase mains supply.


 User-friendly touchscreen.

 Standard Labelling Height

 Up to 190 mm.




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