Thermal Tsunami Tincture Filling, Capping, and Labeling Machine

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Packaging monobloc suitable for filling, screwing, and labeling small bottles such as e-liquids

Initially designed for the e-liquid industry, the E-Fill is a filling, labeling, and screw-capping machine for products in an ultra-compact size that meets the most stringent expectations regarding filling and labeling e-liquid bottles for e-cigarettes.

Its peristaltic pump system allows a liquid change in less than 2 minutes without cleaning the pump. In addition, the E-Fill can be equipped with a volumetric pump by a flow meter or piston, depending on the product's viscosity can be filled.

Filling, capping, and labeling cylindrical containers:






  L 125.11" x W 62.28" x H 67.87" (3178mm x  1582mm x 1724mm).


  Up to 2 stations.

 Pump   Peristaltic pump and piston pump or flowmeter.

  Intuitive touchscreen with up to 50 products memorization. Adjustment by electrical lifts controlled by a touchscreen.


  Stainless Steel

 Filling Accuracy


  +/- 0,5%

 Rotating accumulation table

  (Ø700 ou 1000mm)


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