Thermal Nova Manual Round Product Label Applicator

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This simple to use label applicator is perfect for short productions with no electricity required. Can run any round containers that is 1”-5” in diameter that can quickly and accurately apply labels with little to no waste.

The Nova Manual Round Product Label Applicator is incredibly easy to setup and requires no tools to switch from one size bottle to the next in a matter of seconds. The top wipe down brush ensures that the labels are fully applied to each container.

The label applicator features a fully adjustable unwind tension and waste rewind spindle to collect used backing paper. Durable all-steel frame with a powder coat finish and assembled with stainless steel fasteners, this simple easy to use label applicator is designed to last for years of reliable and efficient production.


  • Product Size: 1” to 5”
  • Minimum Label Size: 1” x 1”
  • Maximum Label Width: 5”
  • Maximum Roll Diameter: 12”
  • Core Size Diameter: 1” or 3”

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